Cantaloupe (rockmelon) is often regarded as King of melons due to strict requirements for climate and nutrition


Grapes are very nutritions for health, if you used fresh, it is very good for the immune system and the heart.

Dragon Fruit

Binh An develop 3 varieties of dragon fruit: yellow, purple pink & red. It tastes sweet, crunchy seeds

The collective Binh An Company is proud of share about


organic đạt chuẩn Global GAP

Our company Binh An has a farm located in Thuan Quy Ham Thuan Nam Binh Thuan. The location is on the south central coast, where it has the climatic conditions of the sea, sandy soil mixed basalt soil with many trace elements, suitable for luxurious plants like dragon fruit, which will have a very delicious and taste sweet

With an area of hundreds of large hectares, many kinds of trees, fences with many kinds of beautiful and colorful flowers. The landscape is beautiful, the farm is fully invested in infrastructure, the air and sea breeze is fresh, the garden is green and clean, the cultivated fruits are completely fresh. The best thing is that you can eat right on the garden and when you have just picked it, it is ideal for young people to check in and visit.

Investment scale and expansion area

Area of more than 100 ha

More than 100 large hectares are invested with complete infrastructure, sandy soil mixed with basalt soil with many trace elements.


European organic standards (EU) and American organic standards (USDA), organic farming techniques certified Global G.A.P

Scale production

Producing 100 tons of organic grapes/year. Cultivating more than 60 hectares of dragon fruit with Global GAP certified, 2 hectares of homegrown melons with Global GAP certified


Professional production and technical equipment together engineers, well specialists and skilled workers.


The farm is fully invested in infrastructure, fresh air and sea breeze, clean green garden, completely clean standard cultivated fruit.

Ideal location

you can eat right on the garden and when you have just picked it, it is ideal for young people to check in and visit.

Binh An not only develops imported grape varieties but also develops and domesticated grape varieties

Imported grapes will have varieties such as: Black Magic (Black Magic grape), although it is a grape variety with seeds, but has a characteristic aroma, long fruit bunch, eye-catching color, sweet taste, thin skin and crispy flesh.
– Vitoria grape in Italian means victory grape, this is a high-yielding variety, the flesh is crispy, the skin is golden with a mesh that looks very eye-catching.
– Italian grapes, this is the pride of the Italians, golden fruit in thin skin, very clear and fragrant flesh, large fruit can be bitten in half.
– This Red Globe grape is an Italian grape variety, round fruits with lots of large fruits, chewy and fragrant flesh.
– Sacalatta grape, this is an American grape variety without seeds, sweet, vermilion, very eye-catching, sweet and dynamic.
– Kioho grape, this is a Japanese candy grape variety, the fruit is very large, the fruit is fragrant with peach flavor, when eating the fruit will peel off the skin, the fruit will burn a lot of water.
– This grape NH01-152 is a Vietnamese grape variety that has been bred for nearly 20 years until now, giving very wrong fruit, light red fruit, sweet and sour, crispy meat, light aroma, when eaten, the taste will linger in the mouth for a long time.