Company: Binh An Hi-Tech Agriculture Ltd. organically meets Global GAP standards


Phạm Thị Tuyết Mai

A leader with a great vision and dedication to society. She has a lot of knowledge and experience in investing in many fields of finance, processing industry, animal husbandry, and farming. With years of practical experience in the most developed regions of the world in terms of agriculture such as Israel, Italy, USA, Taiwan.

Lê Phong Hải

Working in the field of research and application of organic agricultural science. Many years of successfully consulting projects with organic certification. Since 2008, he has held many CEO positions of Mekong Agriculture Corporation. Deputy Director of Center for Biotech high-tech application of science and technology. Currently working at the company.


Area of more than 100 ha

More than 100 large hectares are invested with complete infrastructure, sandy soil mixed with basalt soil with many trace elements.


European organic standards (EU) and American organic standards (USDA), organic farming techniques certified Global G.A.P

Scale production

Producing 100 tons of organic grapes/year. Cultivating more than 60 hectares of dragon fruit with Global GAP certified, 2 hectares of homegrown melons with Global GAP certified


Professional production and technical equipment together engineers, well specialists and skilled workers.


The farm is fully invested in infrastructure, fresh air and sea breeze, clean green garden, completely clean standard cultivated fruit.

Ideal location

you can eat right on the garden and when you have just picked it, it is ideal for young people to check in and visit.


Company: Binh An High Tech Agriculture Company Limited (Binh An High Tech Agriculture Company Limited). Address is Thuan Minh, Thuan Quy commune, Ham Thuan Nam district, Binh Thuan province.
The location is on the south central coast, where it has the climate of the sea, has sandy soil mixed with basalt soil, suitable for plants such as dragon fruit, grapes, melons and other crops. In particular, grapes are grown according to European high-tech standards (EU) and American organic standards (USDA). The scale of investment in accordance with high-tech 4.0 standards for house-made melons and organic farming techniques that meet Global GAP certified (global agricultural safety).
With an area of ​​hundreds of hectares, many varieties of plants on the farm are surrounded by fences with a variety of beautiful flowers. Beautiful landscape, the farm is fully invested in infrastructure. The air and sea breeze are fresh, the garden is green and clean, the cultivated fruits are completely clean. The best thing is that you can eat it right in the garden and when you pick it up, it is ideal for young people to check in and visit, a favorable environment for exchange, learning and education in organic agriculture.


An area of ​​more than 100 hectares with complete infrastructure investment. Binh An Company has cultivated more than 60 hectares of dragon fruit meeting Global GAP standard (Global clean agricultural standard) reaching 2500/year tons of dragon fruit for export.
The scale of the investment plan in 2021 is from 4ha to 15ha of organic grapes meeting European and American standards (Organic USDA and EU). In the last 6 months of 2021 to serve domestic consumption and farm tourism. Currently we produce 100 tons of organic grapes/year. In 2020 we will reach an output of 250 tons/year. On average, each week we bring to market from 5 to 8 tons of organic grapes.
The scale of house melons from 5ha to 20ha planted with Global GAP standard (Global clean agriculture standard) in 2021 will reach 120 tons of cantaloupe. Currently, every week we produce 5-10 tons of melons of all kinds, in 2022 we will reach 360 tons per week. We will produce 7-10 tons.

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Dragon Fruit

standard Global GAP

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Infrastructure land
fully invested in infrastructure
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standard EU and American

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Greenhouse agriculture of Global GAP